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What is digital storytelling?

It’s reading, writing, listening, speaking, singing, presenting, recording, mixing, drawing, designing, acting, directing, videoing, songwriting, editing, planning, reviewing, deciding, improving, participating, collaborating, thinking, creating and learning.

Jim Cullinane is a digital storyteller and teacher who uses an iPad to make fun interactive stories, songs and media for kids.

iPad Labs are hands-on workshops helping children use their iPads to become better digital storytellers themselves – learning how to combine sound, video and new media with a variety of literacy forms.

They’ll learn essential, transferrable skills for use throughout their schooling and beyond. It’s not only fun and engaging but it also helps consolidate understanding and is a great team building activity.

SongLabs use Garageband on the iPad to make their own songs from scratch – even if they can’t read a word of music or play an instrument. We’ll look at simple song structure and lyric writing through to recording, arranging, mixing and ways to share finished songs with family and friends.

MovieLabs We’ll make more focused videos via; 1) Planning with storyboards, shot lists and sequencing, 2) Shooting tips with framing, lighting and sound considerations, 3) Editing techniques to refine their story and 4) Ways to share new movies – e.g. Youtube, class blog, etc.

Further labs cover advanced shooting/editing techniques with special effects, voiceovers and sound effects, animation apps, and green screen etc.

StoryLabs uncover new ways to create your own interactive eBooks using simple and often free apps. They are great for group projects and combine many of the other media skills the children have learned. We’ll we’ll delve into some simple eBook making software, including Book Creator for the iPad and/or iBook Author for the Mac.

Jim also runs PD sessions for teachers on digital storytelling with iPads including a variety of other apps, lesson planning & assessment practices.

Making a great digital story is about integrating technology with existing literacy skills rather than getting latest and greatest hardware or app.

iPad Labs work with junior, middle and senior levels and can be tailored to fit in with current projects the class is working on.

Some Apps explored include:

Story making: Book Creator,  My Story, Story Creator, Toontastic &  iBooks Author (Mac only)

Music: Garageband, Amplitube, Rockmate, Logic Pro X (advanced – Mac only)

Video: iMovie (for iPad and Mac),  Pinnacle Studio, iMotion HD, VideoFX, Director, MoviePro, Final Cut Pro X (advanced, Mac only)

Animation: Easy Studio Animation, iStop Motion, Hype (Mac only)

Presentation: Prezi, Educreations, Haiku Deck, Screenchomp, Doodlecast, etc.

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