What if… your voice was so high – only a dog could hear it?

I was sharing some stories and songs at Fernside School last week, when a wee girl asked where do I get my ideas for stories? It’s a good question, but sometimes it’s hard to answer, except for “Lots of places.”

I like the good, old “What if…?” approach.

It usually starts with something we already know, or with a grain of truth, then you can have fun taking things to the extreme.

A storysong I’ve just finished was built on , What if… your voice was so high – only a dog could hear it?

I liked the premise – not just because it’s silly and funny, but it’s also grounded in truth. Dogs can hear much higher frequencies than the human ear can. So it gets you thinking about sound, science and what else can dogs do better than us and what things can we do better than dogs?

So we start looking at differences, pros and cons, firstly across different species, then maybe between ourselves. And if the plot can reflect that somehow and celebrate difference, then job done.

Here’s part one of three about Callum Boyce and his very High Voice!