Hello and a warm welcome to Kahuna Kidsongs.

We make fresh and fun stories and songs with improbable plots, colourful characters and lively language to help hook kids into reading.

Based at Windybot Farm, we bring a typical Kiwi Do-It-Yourself  approach to storytelling  – creating all our own stuff using old toys, puppets and iPads – learning as we go. We wholeheartedly encourage children to become confident Digital DIYers too.

Our interactive eBooks are called GoodieBooks, and they burst into life as children read them – check them out.

Jim’s ever-patient daughter Ishbel often joins him onstage for Kahuna Kidsongs live shows telling tales and singing songs about brave bumblebees, hapless horses, prancing pirates, groovy gumboots and a whole lot more…

There’s also iPadLabs and Digital DIY workshops for teachers and children in schools and libraries to help them to make their own music, songs, videos and eBooks too.

Please get in touch with Jim to find out more.