Kahuna Kidsongs make storysongs  for children and their grownups!

Fresh and fun tales with improbable plots, colourful characters, lively language and singalong songs to help hook kids into reading, language, learning and laughing.

What’s New?

“Here’s a strange story about Marcus McGee, who left his poor parents when he was just three…”

Marcus is an independent young chap who decides to leave home in search of fame, fortune and adventure (with his teddybear, of course).

Join him on an epic adventure around the weird and wonderful world, filled with pirates, princesses and pogo sticks!

A sweet and funny fairy tale for anyone in a rush to grow up!

Kahuna Kidsongs GoodieBooks Christmas Giveaway!

Six of our top selling GoodieBooks for iPads or iPhones are FREE until Christmas.

They are full of great stories, quirky characters and fun, interactive elements like quizzes, sound effects and singalong music videos!

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We also perform live digital storytelling shows and iPadLabs ( Digital DIY workshops) for teachers and children in schools and libraries to help them to make their own music, songs, videos and eBooks too.

Please get in touch with Jim to find out more.